Hello 2019!

So after a brief break from blogging I’m back, and here’s a quick rundown of my life since my last post in April (I can’t believe it’s been that long!)

  • I’ve managed to keep a tiny human alive for a year! That’s right, Torin’s First Birthday was last Thursday and we had a great party at Greensboro Children’s Museum to celebrate. Despite the fact that he cried the whole time I like to think he had a good time, lol. He’s getting so big!
    Trev and I have both taken new jobs. So mine is technically the same job, just a different, more challenging store. Trev is with a completely new company and doing great. We both work crazy schedules and sometimes only see each other twice a week, but hey we’re making money so it’s ok. Right?
    I’m up to 12 full pages in my untitled fiction book about a woman who lives in a mystical seaside town. It’s very Isabel Allende-esque, though I would be flattering myself to say it’s anywhere near that good. It’s a work in progress and probably will be for some time. If I feel up to it, I might post an excerpt later.
    I’m dieting to finally try and lose the excess baby weight. I mean it’s been a year, why not? After I had Torin, I weighed in at 171, which on my tiny 5’2” frame is a lot. By doing nothing I got down to 162 and have stayed there for several months. Last week I started a low carb (not quite Keto because it’s hard to eat that much fat) diet and am down to 155. The goal is to reach 135. I’m continuing low carb and am on the hunt for a used elliptical machine or treadmill I can store in the house to exercise on. (If you know of anyone selling one, please message me!) My schedule is way too insane for a gym membership. So with that being said, lots of low carb recipes will be posted. Y’all know I only eat good tasting food so they’re all tasty low carb recipes which are sometimes hard to find. Like lemony shrimp scampi with cauliflower rice, yum!

So that’s about it! I’m going to make much more of an effort to write more, share more, and make more (of everything!) in 2019, and I want all of my readers to be a part! Stay tuned for more posts!


By Mary Katherine

I am a wife, mom, human resources professional, and Independent Pampered Chef Consultant. As an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant, I may, at times, have links in my posts that allow you to shop from my website, and i do receive a commission, if you make a purchase.

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