$10 barstool makeover 

Today I’m going to show you all how to “makeover” your barstools in 15 minutes, with only $10 worth of supplies. It’s so easy I’m not even sure if you can call it makeover. 

Here were my barstools before the makeover: pretty generic and boring. If you’ve been following my blog recently you know I’ve done a few small updates to my kitchen and I have the DIY bug. This was one of those projects I decided to do spur of the moment, and I only had 2 hours before work, so you know it’s an easy one! 😊

Now to do this project you’re going to need a few supplies. Nothing too crazy, but essentials nonetheless. 

  • 1 yard of upholstery or cotton duck fabric
  • Decorative nails (optional, but oh so cute) 
  • Hammer
  • Light duty staple gun (I got mine at Hobs Lobs for $7.99…yes that’s short for Hobby Lobby)
  • Light duty staples 

To start you need to unscrew your chair seat from the legs. Mine was attached with 4 screws, yours should be similar. When you pop it off, it should look like this:

Take your rounded cushion bottoms and place them on your fabric. Cut out your fabric with an least 3 inches to spare on both sides. My cushions were so big I ended up just cutting my fabric yard in half. 

Next, start stapling you fabric-the back of your cushion doesn’t have to be pretty. Keep pulling the fabric around, stapling, and tucking working your way around the edge. Like so:Once you’ve made your way around the edge, you can do your decorative nail trim. I chose a big rhinestone nailhead, to be placed in the center, but you could also do small nail heads around the edge. To get the button-tufted effect, use your staple gun to do two staples in an x formation in the center of the cushion. I know the picture below is hard to see, but trust me there are staples there. 

Once you have your center tuft secured, you can nail in your decorative nail, hiding your ugly staples. 

Reattach your cushion to the rest of the barstool… and that’s it! Finished project in 15 minutes. 

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By Mary Katherine

I am a wife, mom, human resources professional, and Independent Pampered Chef Consultant. As an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant, I may, at times, have links in my posts that allow you to shop from my website, and i do receive a commission, if you make a purchase.

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