Target Baby Box Review- October 

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved getting mail. Even though receiving mail as an adult is not as much fun as when you’re a kid waiting on your monthly Zoobooks, I still get excited…especially when there’s goodies inside the mail box. 🙂 

I’m a fan of subscription boxes, because there’s something really awesome about getting a random collection of tailored-to-you products delivered every month. However, some subscription boxes are expensive! In the world of baby/maternity subscription boxes, there’s not a lot to choose from, and the popular, Bump Boxes, is $49.99! Seriously. I’m saving for a baby, so I can’t be dishing out $50 for a subscription box. 

So… let’s all thank Target for coming out with the Target Baby Box! It’s not a true subscription box, because you can’t set it up for automatic delivery, but it’s chock full of cool products for baby and mom, comes adorably wrapped, and is only $7!! Each box is valued at $35, so it’s really a steal, and you get free shipping. 

The first box ever came out in July 2017, as a trial run to see if there was a guest interest, and of course I bought it asap. Since then, I have been desperately waiting for the next one, and I was slightly worried that no one else had loved the July box as much as I did. Then, last week I got the email saying the October box was available! Yay! I’m hoping that it will be a permanent product now, but I’m still not sure. 

Before I get into the product review of the October box let me just say that these babies sell out fast! The July box was sold out within 3 days of release, so y’all better buy this one now. Like right now. 

Alright, so lets dig into our adorable gold, polka dot box!

October goodies:

  • $10 coupon off a $50 baby purchase. Good on Wipes, formula, baby food, diapers and toiletries. This is an awesome treat because you can also use it on, so keep an eye out for those online only baby sales. The July box came with one of these too, so I’m thinking it might be a staple in future boxes. 
  • 3 oz bottle of Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath. The size on this sample is pretty legit- you definitely can get several baths out of it. Even if you’re all about using natural products on your baby, at least try this one. It actually smells pretty good, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth (and for those of you that don’t know, I have super sensitive skin.) 
  • Full size bottle of Mommy’s Bliss 15 Day Boost Probiotic Drops. I’m really excited about this product, because it alone, retails for about 12.99, so it’s amazing that you’re getting a full size bottle in your box. It’s a blend of good bacterias made for Newborns+ that helps replenish healthy digestive enzymes so your baby can have a happy tummy. 
  • .35 oz size Aquaphor Baby ointment. Aquaphor can be used for anything- Chapped Lips, Diaper Rash, Dry Skin, you name it. It’s a miracle ointment, and this size is tiny enough to fit in your diaper clutch. Perfect. 
  • 1.69 oz Babyganics Hand Sanitizer. This is another sample that is a nice size- it’s big enough for you to get lots of uses but small enough to fit in a diaper bag. Mine will probably go on my changing table for now, because I’ve already got hand sanitizer packed in my diaper bag (yes, I already have a diaper bag packed. Don’t judge.) It smells like mandarin oranges and is Alcohol Free so it’s safe for baby’s skin too! 
  • .75 oz Honest Company Face and Body Lotion. This fragrance-free, lightweight lotion is great for you or baby. This product leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and not greasy at all. It repaired my chapped hands in no time. I’m not gonna lie, I love this lotion so much, I stole this sample for my purse. 😬 
  • .07 oz Oilogic Stuffy Nose and Cough blend. This essential oil blend smells divine, and is specially diluted for babies older than 6 months. It contains orange peel, Siberian fir needle, eucalyptus, lavandin, cypress, and tea tree oils which blended together are supposed to vanquish your little one’s upper respiratory troubles. I don’t need this one yet, but I know the day will come when Baby O will get a cold, and when he does I’ll be prepared!
  • Trial pack of Seventh Generation Coconut Care Wipes (20 ct). These Wipes are all natural, smell nice, and this size packs well in your diaper bag.  I’m a big fan of most Seventh Genetation products, so I was pretty excited about these. They’re a little pricey in the store, but still considerably cheaper than Honest Company wipes, so they might become a new favorite… we’ll have to see. 
  • 2 oz Honest Company Gel Cleanser. Finally, a product just for you! This very generous sized sample contains lavender and chamomile extracts, so it not only smells great, but is actually calming for your skin. I tried this product after a long day at work, and it not only removed my make up well, but left my skin feeling fresh and revitalized. This is another product I liked so much, it may replace my regular cleanser. 

So, there you have it- a quick run down of what $7 can buy you. Not a bad haul, I’d say! Let me know if you have questions about the products or the box… you all know I have all the Target answers. 😉

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